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October, 2019

Why Diabetic Footwear?

For most, uncomfortable shoes mean a blister or sore feet for a day. For diabetics, an uncomfortable shoe could mean cuts, sores and other abnormalities that could take a couple of months or more to heal. Over time, diabetes can also cause nerve damage and other Diabetic Footwearissues to your feet, so anything you can do to prevent that, starting with footwear, is a great way to get ahead of the damage before it impacts your life. Here, we will talk about the advantages of diabetic footwear and how you can prevent foot-related issues.

Advantages of Diabetic Footwear
By wearing this type of shoe, you’re not only protecting your feet, but you’re protecting your entire body as your feet are the base of what carries you from day-to-day. If foot pain goes untreated, it can cause issues not only on your feet, but can also cause pain throughout your body resulting in more issues than what was originally diagnosed. Treatment for diabetic foot issues can include proper footwear, diabetic socks, compression hosiery, orthopedic & orthotics and in some cases, surgery. Advantages of wearing proper footwear can include:
● Promote proper foot health
● Prevent issues and sores before they appear
● Act as a corrective shoe for foot concerns
● Keep you comfortable and active
● Peace of mind knowing your feet are well taken care of

How to Prevent Issues
When it comes to preventing issues that come along with a diabetes diagnosis, there are many different things that you can do including:
● Wearing comfortable footwear (diabetic shoes preferably)
● Don’t walk barefoot, even at home
● Always wash your feet & trim your nails to keep them clean and pampered
● Check your feet daily for sores
● Stop smoking - this can increase your risk of poor circulation and cause further complications
● Check-in with your doctor regularly to ensure proper care

Although people with diabetes are at an increased risk for milder problems that generally occur with feet, there are still many ways to prevent this from happening so that they can live a worry-free life. If you start seeing any symptoms of foot problems caused by diabetes such as calluses, fungal issues, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, cracking skin or sores, it is important to reach out to your doctor immediately before the issue gets worse. Catching the issue before it worsens is the first step to healing and moving forward. If you are looking for diabetic footwear to help protect your feet, make sure to reach out to an expert at American Medical Equipment! We’re here at your service, always.

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